A Supernatural Deduction

The names Dean Winchester. And deducting supernatural events is my specialty. This being said, you should already know what level of crazy I rank on. My bitch little brother and I travel the country in my old mans car, looking for those paranormal sons of a bitches and gank em before they populate and cause more bad shit. I guess you can say, we're the cooler and hotter version of the ghost busters...with a better car that is. Have a problem dealing with demons or inhumanly beat like creatures? Grab the salt and give Sam and I a call. And don't worry, we don't ask for much in return...just a slice of apple pie and you and I will be good friends. Thanks. Leave questions, cases, and ideas in the ask box. Sammy and I mostly reblog supernatural and Sherlock. Got a problem? you know where to turn to. Hear from you soon, because you and I both know that's the truth.